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Welcome! I pray that God will use the information presented here to deepen your wisdom and understanding of who Jesus really is, because many people and churches in our time have a distorted view of God, Jesus, and the Bible.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." (Proverbs 9:10)
7 Things We MisunderstandPDF VersionPrintable Booklet
Aimed at the typical modern-day church or church member, this short booklet addresses misconceptions we have about God, Jesus, salvation, church, and the Bible.

Through the Bible in 180 DaysPDF VersionPrintable Booklet
This booklet contains 180 short Bible lessons for anyone who desires to learn more about how the whole Bible fits together as a single, unfolding story. It is particularly geared toward young children or new believers.
Jesus Through the Bible
All About Jesus (Old Testament)
Full VersionCommentaryVerse List
The storyline of the entire Bible, including the Old Testament, points to the Savior, Jesus Christ. This year-long study looks at many Old Testament passages to see a foreshadowing of Christ. Sometimes, the preincarnate Christ is actually present.
The True Jesus (The Gospels)
There are a lot of misconceptions about who Jesus truly is. As God, He did not take sin as lightly as we often do. This year-long study goes through the four Gospels, discussing points along the way to show who Jesus really is, what He came to do, and who He came to save.
More About Jesus (NT Letters)
The third and final part of this series is currently being written.
Brief 2-Page Resources
Importance of the Reformation
Did you know that it was once illegal to own a Bible in the common language?

Who Is God?
You probably believe in God. Most people do. But is there more to true religion than just believing in God?
10 Ps to Ponder
See 10 things we need to know about God and the Bible that begin with the letter P.

God's Purpose for Israel
This is a brief study of Romans 9-10, a portion of Scripture that is often quoted but poorly understood.
Thoughts on the End Times
Read a brief overview of Revelation from a traditional, contextual perspective.

Is Jesus Eternal? Is Hell Eternal?
Jehovah's Witnesses are well-intentioned but misunderstand the reality of Hell and the eternality of Jesus.
Bible Study Tips
Why Study the Bible?
The Bible isn't a self-help book. It is written to us from God so that we might know Him. The most important message the Bible tells us is that we are all sinners in need of a Savior, who is Jesus Christ. The more we read it, the better we'll know and understand our great God. The more we share Bible truth with others, the more glory we bring to God.
Intentional Bible Study:
Do you find yourself reading the Bible with no specific goal? Try searching for answers to these questions as you read Scripture:
  1. What attributes of God are seen in this Scripture?
  2. How does this relate to Jesus and/or the law of God?
  3. What can I use to praise God and pray to Him?
Questions? Comments?
Confused about something in the Bible? Unsure of where you stand before God? Through God's enabling, I have written and compiled all the material you see on this website.

I eagerly welcome your questions about God, the Bible, or anything you see here. You may contact Kevin by clicking here.
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Other Resources
Name 5 Bible Game
Play this straightforward, easy-to-learn Bible game with your church, friends, or family to strengthen your Bible knowledge!
Verses of the Day
This simple outline gives you 4 Bible verses to read each day, with a focus on attributes of God and actions or prayers for believers.
Brief Catechism for Toddlers
A catechism is a great tool to help young children remember important biblical truths. This is a highly simplified version for the youngest among us.
Free Multi-Age Sunday School Curriculum
This is a free Sunday School curriculum for use in settings where multiple ages of children need to learn together. The teacher should ask the students, in turn, to read the passage of Scripture, teach and discuss it with them, then break into 3 groups by level and answer the questions given. There is a review lesson every 5th week for the children to think back on what they have been learning.

Year 1 (45 lessons): In the Beginning - Level 1Level 2Level 3

Year 2 (45 lessons): Israel's Journey - Level 1Level 2Level 3

Special Unit (7 lessons): Advent Season - Level 1Level 2Level 3

Suggested levels to use with students in each grade:
Grades 1-4: Level 1
Grades 5-8: Level 2
Grades 9-12: Level 3

Note: The original plan was for a 3-year Bible curriculum for homeschool or private schools, but at this time, it is uncertain whether or not the entire curriculum will be completed. If you try this curriculum and you like using it, please contact me to share your thoughts about it.